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I'm an artist and this is a place for my drawings and sketches. I'm a nerd, artist, game and animation fan. Look around, fav and love the art~! <3
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  • Hello, I want to say that your drawings are so inspirational and wanted to ask if you draw more from life? Or imagination? Or do u draw from life and the add your own style after? Also please keep up the tutorials you have no idea how helpful they are haha and much respect for takin the time to do them :) ma bad for the essay😅

    Hi!  Great question here :)

    I draw mostly from life/reference. It will be 60% of what I do and 40% would be from imagination and my original stuff.

    The reason why is that is I need to know my subject. Everything looks better when You’ve studied before the subject. And You want Your work to look good, so it’s best to study and sketch what You want to create. When You feel comfortable with whatever You want to draw then Your art will look better. I know that my art looks better after I do a lot of studies.

    But still. It is possible to do art from imagination. Especially when You create stylized / cartoony drawings. But If You are artist who specialize in more realistic pictures You would need to convey the realism - realistic light, realistic colors, anatomy etc. You can draw realistic human from imagination very well of course, but there is nothing wrong when You need to look at the pose for the reference (because human can pose in thousands of ways, and add to that different perspectives… aaand it’s starts to get really challenging :D)

    Glad to hear some of You find my tutorials helpful. I enjoy showing You ‘behind the scenes’. I can do more of course! :D I just need to hear what You are interested about most :)

    I’m thinking about that next tutorial can be about drawing something using specific light source. I will explain how the light source affects the subject for You to understand it. And after You understand it, You will be able to use this knowledge to draw anything :D I would start with simple studio lightning :)

    I’m waiting for Your thoughts about my idea. Hope You’ll like it :D

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